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One Year Later.........

A somewhat strange title for this blog, but one I find rather fitting. I hate it when that pops up when you're watching a good film or TV series but for this entry it kind if fitted well. Why? Well today July 10th marks exactly one year since I moved into my new flat. One whole year of living entirely by myself as an independent woman.
 It feels like it was only yesterday if I'm honest. The big move and life change was prompted by my relationship breakdown. I was with him for 13 years and when we separated it was like my whole world fell apart around me.
Me and all of my stuff was back at my mothers, well truth be told most of it had never left. My former partner spent much of the year travelling for work so my time was split between 'his' apartment and at my Mums when he was away. Not the most functional way of living but it worked for us and I was never one to spend time alone.
So for me the idea of living entirely by myself was terrifying. I had spent time getting m…
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A New Chapter

Here I am with a whole new chapter.  I've taken rather a long break from blogging and pretty much the internet in general.

The past three years have been the most challenging of my entire life. There have been more downs then ups and at times I have felt like a tree swaying in a storm.

Over the past year my life has changed so much, most of it was unexpected changes. Most notably the breakdown of what I consider my longest lasting relationship, 13 years. A change I didn't see coming and never expected at all and it hit me like a thunderclap. I've had my heart broken many times before but this was something else. This was a life slapping you in the face and waking you up from a dream kind of situation. When I decided to end the relationship it was tough, I wondered if I had made the right decision. Things hadn't been working well for a while and I just decided that no matter how much I loved him, no matter how much we had been through together. It just wasn't workin…